Kristina (anitsirk) wrote,


Last night I had a very scary dream wherein I was giving birth in a hospital.

My mom was there, along with 3 other nurses from the local LDR unit. They kept bugging me and bugging me, and then they called a male doctor. It was like... all of my birthing fears wrapped into one. Then they kept opening the shades to the room and people were watching me labor. In the dream, I kept saying "I want to go home". Then the baby was born and they were trying to vaccinate it, and I was pissed, because this was my last baby and I had a crappy birth experience.

You'd swear I was on before going to bed.

In real life, my mother did actually try to persuade me to give birth in a hospital when I was pregnant with Enzo. And even though I didn't want her to worry, there was no way in hell.
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