Kristina (anitsirk) wrote,


When Annabelle was sick two summers ago, Chris showed up at the doctor's office with a pink Care Bear who Annabelle deemed "Cuddlebear". Cuddlebear went with us for every visit to The Hematology/Oncology clinic, every blood draw, and pretty much everywhere else.

Annabelle never sleeps without her Cuddlebear, and Chris and I have both developed a deep affection for this bear, so much so that if the house was on fire, Cuddlebear is the first thing we'd get out after the kids and dog.

Last year Chris' mom bought Enzo a Carebear- not because he was sick, but he was always trying to get his hands on Annabelle's beloved bear. He's sporadically affectionate with the bear, and yesterday, he gave the bear a name:

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