Kristina (anitsirk) wrote,


I freaking HATE the styles people are wearing these days. I hate the pencil-leg jeans, I hate the poofy sleeves, the neon sneakers, and the moo-moo tops with the big buttons. I hate jeans with high heels, and gathered waistbands and slouchy leather boots.

I have no clue why I hate these styles so much. Perhaps because this is the first time that I remember the styles being worn the first time around? I walked into a store with my mom the other day, pointed to a dress, and said "You owned that dress in '86."

I remember my friend Beth and I making fun of all the ladies we saw sporting 1980s floofy hair in 1997. I was like "Why can't they just move on into the 90s and take their hair with them?"

And now I understand- they couldn't bring their hair into the 90s because they thought 90s hair looked too flat.

So here I am with my Doc Martens (which I've had since '99 and the soles aren't even close to worn) and my bootcut jeans and my t-shirts and cardigans, and I'm feeling entirely unhip. I am the lady sporting 1980s hair in 1997. But whatever. In 10-15 years, I'll be in style again (and my Doc Martens will still have their original soles).
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