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i'm a 28 year old housewife. haha. no really, i am. i have three kids- hannah, annabelle, and enzo. i am a labor and delivery nurse. i homeschool, breastfeed, cook, and clean. i'm so exciting. </sarcasm> i'm married to nrchris, who has an alter-ego known as photoaday.

i want to be a homebirth midwife when i am older. i also want to be a librarian, a chef, and a hospice nurse. i read obsessively and worry too much. i'm such a virgo.
activism, alison bechdel, alix olson, alternative medicine, alternative menstrual products, amherst, anarchism, anarcho-communism, ani, annabelle violet, anti-war, attachment parenting, berkshires, bikini kill, bird-watching, birding, birding festivals, birds, birth, bitch and animal, bitch magazine, boston, boston indymedia, breastfeeding, brenda kahn, bushisms, bust, camping, canada, chris fierro, chris pureka, civil disobedience, clamor, class war, cloth diapering, cloth diapers, co-housing, co-ops, communal living, consumer fraud, csa, dar williams, diane dimassa, doula, doulas, dtwof, dumpster-diving, elliott smith, evolution, falcon ridge folk festival, farmer's market, feminism, fungi, gardening, garlic, girls, girlyman, goddess dressing, guerilla gardening, hannah rose, hipmama, home birth, home schooling, home-schooling, homebirth, hothead paisan, ina may gaskin, indymedia, ireland, knitting, l7, labor and delivery, libraries, liz phair, maggie estep, mamas, mary lou lord, menstruation, michael moore, michelle tea, midwife, midwifery, midwives, mothering, mushrooms, mwmf, my husband, natural parenting, nefac, new england, norfolk, north smithfield, northampton, npr, painting, peace, piercings, pioneer valley, pro-choice, protesting, providence, punk, purling, queer, radical parenting, ralph covert, ramona quimby, raptors, red tail hawks, resistance, revolution, rhode island, rhus tox, roadtrips, robin cook, scrabble, sewing, snuggling, spiritual midwifery, spooning, tattoos, team dresch, teen mamas, the butchies, the farm, the guerilla girls, tilt, tofu, un schooling, un-schooling, utah phillips, vegetarian, vegetarianism, water birth, we're about 9, weetzie bat, whole foods, woonsocket, zines