Kristina (anitsirk) wrote,


This campaign season is sure sparking some fine costume ideas. While Chris and I are going as Sarah Palin and John McCain, I'd urge any guy who's looking for a simple Halloween Costume to go as either "Joe Plumber" or "Joe Six-Pack". Sinple enough, just wear a nametag that says "Joe" and carry a plunger or a sixer.

Chris' McCain mask is downright scary. You betcha.
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You could wear fake ripped abs too! That would be weird. Never mind.
Hockey Mom costume is easy too. Hockey mask with wax lips stuck to the front.
i saw them at the shops and yeah, it creeped me out. let's just say that the huge gaping empty eyes are dead on.
Just brush up on your "maaaaaverick."
I'm going as Sarah Palin, too! Ha ha.
I just knew someone would be doing this. Love it. Take lots of pictures and practice your accent. I want pictures of you two smooching as McCain and Palin. Hysterical