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Enzo's language is flying along. He's stringing two and three words together now. Yesterday Chris got me and said that Enzo told him "no boobie today". He didn't actually say that, but he says stuff like it. He calls bananas "oh-man-ahs".

I had a lovely trip to the Berkshires/Rhinebeck. Got to see ocim and spent the afternoon at the psychotically crowded NY Sheep and Wool Festival. Next year I go with just one kid. Double stroller + crowds of crazy yarn freaks= way too much. I'm no leaf peeper, but the foliage in Nowhere, NY was beautiful. Breathtaking. That, combined with one of the Little House audiobooks made an excellent ride. I didn't actually buy any wool at the festival, but I got a really cool mug from Jennie the Potter.

The kids still haven't really decided what they're being for Halloween. Hannah wants to be a pirate, and Annabelle is deciding between Cinderella and "a cat". Enzo is easy. He will be two.
I went to buy the Halloween candy yesterday. Fucking 40 bucks later, I think we'll have enough for two hours or so. Kids get dropped off in our neighborhood. Chris is answering the door in his McCain mask. I may be too busy to actually do my Sarah Palin hair. It looks like a lot of work that involves AquaNet and a curling iron.

The general election is so freaking close. Look! There's my husband, right next to John McCain and Sarah Palin.

I am owed a weekend off from the kids, wherein I get to take off from Saturday afternoon-Sunday night. Ohmy, what am I going to do????
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